Sudan Gold Exports Increase in First Half of Year 2022


Khartoum, Sep. 7 (SUNA) -The Central Bank of Sudan announced in its semi-annual report that the revenues of Sudan gold exports rose in the first half of the year 2022 to 1,315.0 billion dollars, compared to 1,014.1 billion dollars in the first half of the past year 2021, with an increase of 300,900 million dollars.

The General Director of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company, Mubarak Abdul-Rahman Ardol has congratulated the partners and the stakeholders in the mineral sector in Sudan on the increase of the gold exports’ revenues.

He attributed the continuous rise in gold production since the year 2020 to the hard work that has been done by the metals sector, its affiliates and the concerned ministries and institutions.

Ardol expressed his pleasure in these successes that are backed by facts and figures, a matter which he said aborts all the attempts to discourage employees and investors in the mineral sector in Sudan.