About Sudan

“Bilad al Sudan” was the name given by medieval Muslims to the belt of African territory south of the Sahara Desert and extending from the Atlantic to the Ethiopian plateau.

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Our History

Sudan was already playing a role in world history as early as the first millennium BC. References to Kush are well known in Egyptian inscriptions.....

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Our People

Demographically too there exists a broad distinction between the northern and southern parts of the Sudan. Ethnicity is difficult to trace outright...

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Sudan has an enormous potential for tourism. It could very easily become one of the world’s top destinations for people who appreciate ancient Relics...

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Foreword by Our Ambassador HE Mr Adil Yousif Omer Bannaga. It is with great pleasure I welcome you to the website of the Embassy of Republic of the Sudan in Dublin, Ireland. This website has been created to enable all visitors to this page to have full, factual information regarding the Sudan and its relations with Ireland. Sudan is at present overflowing with natural resources waiting to be tapped into by International companies who recognise the great potential Sudan has to offer in Global Market terms. Our climate offers great prospects for alternative energy, both production and provision and our farming communities great export prospects. The Embassy welcomes all enquiries from individuals and businesses in Ireland who wish to have more information or to engage in business partnerships with the Sudan.


يسر السفارة السودانية بدبلن أن تعلن بإنها سوف تقوم بتجديد جوازات السفر للجالية السودانية المقيمة بإيرلندا وذلك للظروف الإستثنائية التي تمر بها بلادنا ونسأل الله أن ينعم عليها بالأمن
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